Become a CDL-A Truck Driver

Beneficial Binghamton CDL Training

A CDL-A truck driver has a secure career with good pay that can never be outsourced. If you are underpaid or have been laid off due to downsizing, a transition to a career in truck driving could be a very good move on your part. If you graduate from Maines Driver Training Institute's Binghamton truck driving school, you can be a highly skilled, in-demand professional in a growing industry. As the demand for drivers is growing in excess of the supply, the earning potential for CDL-A truck drivers is increasing in proportion to their increasing value.

Reasons to become a CDL-A truck driver include:

  • A salary which could exceed $68,000 per year
  • There is a current shortage of 35,000 drivers
  • Because of an aging workforce, the American Trucking Association estimates that 97,000 new drivers need to be hired annually during the next decade
  • A truck driver's job cannot be outsourced

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Why Choose MDTI?

  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Highly Trained Instructors
  • Facilities Include Two 2-Acre Driving Ranges
  • A leading edge Driver Wellness Program that teaches best practices for staying healthy on the road.